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– Get Laser Beam Focus & Mental Clarity
– Improve Memory
– Boost Energy
– Enhance Creative Thinking

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Product Description

Alpha Levo IQ is a revolutionary breakthrough in human potential maximization. It combines the synergistic power of 4 proprietary Neuro Cognitive Enhancing ingredient blends into one easy to swallow capsule. Every aspect of Alpha Levo IQ’s blend has been carefully chosen and rigorously tested to provide “limitless” results. Alpha Levo IQ is designed specifically to help you unlock your FULL potential.


FocusMax elevates your attention span and focus, giving you crystal clear cognition and lighting fast thinking.


NeuroShield protects your brain from stress-related decay, and may even REVERSE decay by 12 years.


NeuroSyn amplifies brain synergy, increasing verbal fluency and improving your general mood.


ReCognit advances your brain’s retention ability, boosting your memory and giving you the ability to absorb new info like a sponge.

  • Vitamin B6 rapidly increases rate of communication between brain cells boosting alertness and mental clarity
  • Vitamin B12 is a natural wonder vitamin that can help memory and battle depression while increasing your attention span giving laser focus
  • Ginkgo biloba may help to battle memory loss and cognitive destruction by encouraging the growth and development of neural stem cells.
  • Folate optimizes normal brain function and helps regulate your mood so you feel good
  • Zinc regulates communications to the hippocampus to improve memory and enhances learning capabilities.
  • Huperzia Serrata has been credited with improving memory and increasing lucid dreams—which may lead you to some of your most creative ideas!